About Us

The Beginning:
Due to the need in out community, in December 2009, a legally deaf man and a small group of members of the First Baptist Church of Bismarck came together to put action to the scripture Matthew 25:31-46. The Name was chosen and a fund was established at First Baptist Church to provide financial support to start the program. In order to become successful, we needed to become a network of interfaith churches working together to become one entity, A board of officers was formed and by-laws were established. We became a public charity with a 501 (C)3 status on Jun 6, 2010. We are not church owned. We opened a Resale Store July 17, 2010.

Our Name:
Helping Hands of Bismarck was chosen because our mission is to be a source of emergency assistance to the people in need in the Bismarck Community,

Declaration of Purpose:
Helping Hands of Bismarck, AR is an association of lay people from local churches formed to assist and refer residents of the Bismarck school district who are in need of or request material or financial assistance. We work in close cooperation with similar organizations within the Bismarck community to avoid duplication of efforts and services.We give referrals to the local food pantries and operate a resale thrift store in the Bismarck community. Only to the extent of our love, faith and desire to serve the Lord, and tolerance and respect for his brothers and sisters will limit our success.

Funding is produced primarily by the sale of donated items through the thrift store. Local churches and private donations also provide some of our funding. We do not receive State or Federal funding. Prudent assistance is given based on the resources an the tempering of guidelines while insuring responsible stewardship of the community’s resources.

Participating churches:
First Baptist Church of Bismarck
Bismarck Methodist Church
Bismarck Pentecostal Church
Pleasant Hill Church of Christ
Oak Bower Church of Christ
Hickory Grove Baptist Church
Prairie Bayou Church of Christ

We are a total volunteer program. Without God and our volunteers this organization could not exist. Many hours go into this service to help those that have a need. Most of our volunteers are provided by the local churches. Join with us to provide this very important service to the Bismarck community.

Administration Board:
James Goff, President
Margaret Phillips
Joy Herrell
Madge Mitchell
Carol Wilson
Ann Mahan Wilson
Sandy Williams

House of Representatives:
Birdie Holder
Bro. Doug Fendley
Jane Knickerbocker
Bro. Blair Bates
Bro. Van Glidewell
Kay Compton
Brenda Bratton
Maddy Reynolds
Rebecca L. Fitz

Thrift Store Manager & Director:
Sondra Goff